Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year

   My co-writer, Lanae Hall and I are pleased with our creative endeavor  in 2013. Writing ten songs since May for I Remember December was an exciting adventure! John Yurick shares authorship on three of the songs. His masterful contribution of orchestral arrangements, the awesome talents of Dan Baily on mandolin, acoustic and electric guitars and the countless hours they each spent in their studios are deeply appreciated. Bassist, John Sellards was amazing! Ron Buckland's drumming... my friend Pete Hastings played harp on four of our tunes..... we love his solos and colorful expressive licks! Thanks to John Gregg for his smooth sultry trumpet work on the jazz piece! There are many more to thank: April Amodeo photos, Sandra Eilleen's jewelry on our necks! Jill Darlington-Smith Graphics for passionately  laying out the 12-page lyric/art booklet; our Artists, Lanae, Ashley & Lauren... Dan Jaasma for his studio time he devoted to Shelley & Steve's backing vocals.... Earl, at Four Loud Barks Studio for his time recording Taylor, Dante, Jeddy, Jacob & Lauren's excellent vocals. The creative team at Matt Bright Productions in Lynchburg.
   Promotion and airplay will be our new focus in 2014. Our thanks to all who have shared the ride and fallen in love with our songs!

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